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Enjoy ATV riding all year at TX Ranch

The Trout Creek Thompson Falls area has a comfortable climate found in few other places in the generally arid state of Montana.

The Heidelberg mine encompasses 20 unpatented claims. The initial development began during the 1920s when R. J. Price Mining Co. worked on a group of seven unpatented claims on a copper-lead outcrop, switching later to follow a silver-lead-gold vein. The number of claims increased to 15 by 1930, and 5 years later the mine featured a 456 foot adit, 500 foot pipeline, Pelton wheel, four compressors, and two Burleigh drills.
Explore mining history at the Heidelberg mine.

The average Summer temperature is in the 80's and the days are 16 hours long.
In the Winter the average temperature is in the mid 20's.

Due to the moist Pacific maritime climate, the Kootenai National Forest is lushly overgrown with trees and is the home of abundant wildlife. Visitors to the ranch have included both whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose, bear, wolf, mountain lions, and coyotes. Rocky Mountain sheep and goats can be seen at the higher elevations. Grizzly bears also inhabit the area. It is a bird watchers paradise, with over 270 species of birds.

There are plenty of sights to see and things to do for those that want a little excitement Take a look at the activities below:

  • The 2.2 million acre Kootenai National Forest with its collage of cliffs, spires and canyons contains over 1,400 miles of trails to hike*, ride, bike , 4-wheel or snowmobile. The hunting and fishing are both world class. Explore and fish it’s alpine lakes and visit some of the old abandoned silver and gold mines of Montana’s past history . Try your luck panning for gold in some of the mountain streams.
  • The Clark Fork River is minutes away and offers excellent fishing, and is uncrowded for
    boating activities. The Clark Fork is a tributary of the Columbia River, and has its beginning as a small stream in Butte. In the Thompson Falls - Trout Creek area, it gives you 42 miles from dam to dam to make use of. Fish for northern pike, walleye, both large and smallmouth bass, perch, whitefish and the various species of trout. Thompson River and Bull River are also nearby and offer excellent fishing.
  • The Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Area is a short distance away, with over 94,000 acres and many peaks over 7500 feet. It’s a great place to view sheep and goats. While in the Cabinets, a hike through the Ross Creek Cedar Grove is a must. There are 100 acres of Western Red Cedars, some over 200 years old, 8 foot in diameter and reaching over 175 feet in height.
  • The Kootenai River Falls is a spectacular river gorge with a pedestrian cable bridge that
    crosses over the Falls for viewing and picture-taking.
  • Sanders County has two legendary hot springs, Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort and Symes’s Hot Spring Resort. Both have mineral baths and hot outdoor pools to enjoy.
  • Visit Glacier National Park, three hours away via the Hot Springs Valley and Flathead Lake, or the scenic Hwy 2 which takes you through the alpine area of NW Montana.
  • The second weekend in August is the Huckleberry Festival in Trout Creek. Trout Creek is
    the huckleberry capital of Montana. Enjoy home cooked foods, entertainment and country crafts.
  • There are golf courses in both Thompson Falls and Plains.
  • There are 4 ski resorts within a one to three hour drive, including Whitefish’s Big Mountain.
  • Both guided and unguided horseback riding, at an extra charge, can be arranged.
  • TX Ranch is a member of :

        - Tour 200

- Traveling Horse   

        - Horse Motels International

* Due to the nature of some of Montana’s wildlife, hiking in the back country takes special precautions and common sense. Please consult with your host when planning trips into the forests.

(406) 827-0170           377 Big Beaver Creek Road, Trout Creek, Montana 59874  

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